Impresii Suedia – 4

Am gasit in camera:

“In Sweden, the following applies:

There is a central heating in the buildings and it is automatic. A technical sensor outside and another one inside (in the central for the heating system) controls the system.

The thermostat in the central is prepared for 19-21 degrees centigrade. This is what the Swedish landlords are required by the authorities to provide. That temperature gives the best indoor air. If it is warmer its bad air.

Every autumn and spring with warm days and cold nights it takes a while for the heating system to heat the whole building. This is normal.

Usually it takes a couple of weeks for the heating system to heat the building in uniform temperature (heat). The colder outside the warmer inside”.[…]

Oricum, e alta lume cind e soare

Au butoane la toate usile – se deschid daca tragi de ele si/sau daca apesi pe buton

One thought on “Impresii Suedia – 4

  1. Salut,
    Nu e vorba ca e in Suedia. Avem incalzire de tipul asta si la noi acasa. Stau intr-un asemenea bloc care are deja ~13 ani vechime. Problema e sa existe un proiectant si locatari cu ceva viziune.

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