HBR–The talent issue

Mi-a placut ideea  If You Want to Win, Tell Your Team It’s Losing (a Little) 

Peste tot in lume au o problema cu pretul caselor   -astfel incit s-au gindit sa faca  The $300 House . Exista si un site : http://300house.com

In “The Cure for Horrible Bosses” Kanter ne aminteste de “It’s not insults that cause the greatest harm, but rather callousness about people’s time. Horrible bosses want control. They expect subordinates to be on call 24/7 and to hit unrealistic deadlines with limited resources. When the work product is delivered, horrible bosses may ignore it for long intervals, making it clear that the deadline was artificial and the stress unnecessary.”

Caricatura lui Glasbergen despre marirea salariului este exceptionala: http://www.glasbergen.com/wp-content/gallery/miscbusiness/toon253.gif

Iar  Making Yourself Indispensable este destul de bun – mai ales “What Skills Will Magnify My Strengths?

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