HBR martie 2011

Nu as vrea sa fiu angajat aici(http://hbr.org/2011/03/the-battle-for-chinas-talent/ar/2): “One large U.S.–based technology company has quietly implemented a policy under which local professionals who try to resign in order to join a domestic firm are automatically offered a 20% pay hike. It has found that many employees accept that counteroffer—suggesting that although competitive pay matters, other attributes are important, too.”

Dan Ariely scrie despre In Praise of the Handshake :” As part of my research, I asked the dean of Duke’s law school, David Levi, if I could take a look at the school’s honor code. Expecting a detailed contract written by lawyers for lawyers, I was shocked to find that the code went something like this: If a student does anything the faculty doesn’t approve of, the student won’t be allowed to take the bar exam. It was, in essence, a handshake agreement!

“Imagine that a student decides to deal drugs and raise chickens in his apartment,” Levi said. “Now suppose that our code of conduct bans many activities but doesn’t address pot or chickens. The student has honored the code. But does Duke really want that student to become a lawyer?”

Daca vreti sa fiti CIO, ar trebui sa cititi The New Path to the C-Suite

Iar discutia “Zoom In, Zoom Out” este extraordinara pentru manageri – si candidati.

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