ADCES–editia 9 pe 2016- VS Extensions and PowerBI

Din agenda:
1. VS Extensions Andrei Ignat,

Vom arata citeva din cele mai folosite extensii de productivitate in Visual Studio si vom dezvolta rapid una.

2. Build awesome interactive dashboards with Microsoft Power BI , Sorin Peste, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Romania
Do you want to build great-looking reports and dashboards from your existing data? Then how about using a zero-deployment solution with amazing visuals, which you can point to any type of data, regardless of whether that data lives in your own datacenter, in the cloud, or in external services like Google Analytics, Microsoft Bing or SalesForce. You have the choice of web-based and desktop interfaces to build and visualize your data, and you can also embed them into your own applications and websites. Your users can ask questions about your data in real time, in natural language, right from your dashboard. Come to this session to see how Power BI can transform the way you understand your data.

3. Dupa aceea bergem la bere ( inca nu stim unde, asteptam propuneri)

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