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Acestea sunt videourile de la 5 Minutes .NET

Title Description Url
5MinSimpleDI Simple DI with Structure Map with logging as an example. Code Source at
5MinSimplePlugin Simple plugin demo in C#. Event and Interface.Code at
5MinPluginOffice plugins in office( with powerpoint example)
5MinMVVM_JS MVVM with javascript tutorial
5MinIIS_SEO How to do basic SEO in IIS
( If it does not install from WebPI( Web Platform Installer) , follow )
5MinRegularExpression Regular Expression Regulazy C#
5MinSelenium Selenium for testing Web GUI with C#
Source code at
5MinCopyConstructorReflection Copy constructor and reflection in .NET
Source code at
5MinIlMerge ILMerge -merging dll's
5MinComObjectIDisposable Marshal.ReleaseComObject with IDisposable
5MinComObject Comk objects in .NET. Destroy Com Objects one by one with Marshal.ReleaseComObject. Test with Excel. Full source code on
5MinCleanProject Clean project and send by email
5MinVersioning Versioning in .NET
5MinCrypt Crypting and Crypting in .NET. Also, make a duration of life example
5Min AppContext Sharing licence via AppContext in .NET
5Min Instrumentation Stack trace and arguments value
5Min Partial Methods Partial Methods in .NET ( C#)
5MinClassExtensions class extensions in .NET
5Min Debug Debug class in .NET-
5MinCleanProject Clean Visual Studio project and send sources
5min Static – constructor and variables 5min Static – constructor and variables in C#
5Min Memory Cache Caching in .NET with MemoryCache
5MinIDisposable IDisposable example and tutorial
5MinThrowVsThrowEx C# throw versus throw ex
5Min Usefull Attributes Attributes in C# DebuggerDisplay and DebuggerStepThrough
5MinIValidatableObject Validation in .NET : how to validate with Required and how to make different validations depending on state of the object( new, edit)

Code at :
5MinAsyncException Differences handling Async Exceptions in C# – async / await
5MinAsync HOw to modify code form sync to async in C#
5Min iMacrosAHK iMacros and AutoHotkey to automate tedious work
5min Zip C# zip files
5MinPSR PSR for recording help files
5MinParseWebPage parsing web page with C#
5MinFileHelpers File Helpers to read any kind of file
5Min Logging Logging in .NET
5min Send emails and SMTP4Dev Sending emails in C# and receiving fast with SMTP4Dev
5Min Memory Profiler ( User Object and/or memory leaks) Memory profiler with Ants .
5min SFHB Demo about how to generate help files from your projects in Visual studio with SFHB ,
5min – .TT files in Visual Studio Demo about .tt files in Visual studio and some examples in C#

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