Application Starters

I have started an application about CDC and TemporalTables . It is made in Windows Forms( to be much easy ) –and it is a refactoring of . You will see in Windows Store soon , I hope.

It is amazing for me the amount of packages/references used for a simple windows forms project :

1.  DataConnectionDialog  –  to have a popup with sql server connection . This is authentication – and , for other applications, could be replaced with AD or Forms authentication ( generic)

2. ExporterWordExcelPDF  – to export data in HTML /Excel /PDF ( adds Razor to the stack) – exporter capabilities for the user.( generic)

3. UserAccountControl –  to run as administrator ( in order to start sql server agent if not started already)

4. nlog – error logging( generic)

5.DataGridViewAutoFilter project – to have autofilter in DataGrid. This is for all projects – needs something like paging/filtering/sorting ( generic)

( If it were WPF, it will be added PRISM or Caliburn or other ….)

( I have removed dependecies on Sql MAnagement Objects, since I do not know if they work with the past versions)

What is good is that I have already those on the form of packages/components. Otherwise, I will have more time allocated to re-invent the wheel ….

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