O multime de linkuri – decembrie 2006

Despre Open Source – si cum competitioneaza cu Windows

Business of Free Software: Enterprise Incentives, Investment, and
Motivation in the Open Source Community — HBS Working Knowledge
IBM has contributed more than $1 billion to the development
and promotion of the Linux operating system, and other vendors such as
Sun are ramping up open source software efforts and investment. Why do
information technology vendors that have traditionally sold proprietary
software invest millions of dollars in OSS? Where have they chosen to
invest, and what are the characteristics of the OSS projects to which
they contribute? This study grouped OSS projects into clusters and
identified IT vendors’ motives in each cluster.

Despre programare :

Mike Gunderloy’s top .NET development tools of 2006
Scott Hanselman’s Computer Zen – Scott Hanselman’s 2006 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows
Scott Hanselman’s Thoughts – .NET, Web Services, Life, Travel,
C#, Windows, VB.NET, Zimbabwe, XML, Musings, Beat Poetry, and Zen Koans
ASP & ASP.Net,2,ebook,free,download – Vebook.org
50 free essential software to consider using » MSBLOG
From the guys who shaped Windows Server 2003 R2 – revealing the latest news behind the closed doors of Microsoft.
Nick Bradbury: Simplicity Ain’t So Simple, Part IV: The Blessed Curse of Power Users

to custom 401 page when “Access denied” occures within an ASP.NET
application with Windows authentication – The Code Project – ASP.NET
This article answers a simple question: What to do when custom
error page for error 401 in web.config is not working? How to replace
the default ASP.NET "Access denied" page?

Scott Hanselman’s Computer Zen – FavIcon.ico can be a bandwidth hog
Scott Hanselman’s Thoughts – .NET, Web Services, Life, Travel,
C#, Windows, VB.NET, Zimbabwe, XML, Musings, Beat Poetry, and Zen Koans

Eric White’s Blog : Query Composition using Functional Programming Techniques in C# 3.0
This is a tutorial on using Functional Programming (FP)
techniques for constructing LINQ queries. It is certainly possible to
write simple LINQ queries without using these techniques, but as soon
as you start writing more complicated queries, you need
( vedeti si intrebarile/raspunsurile  de pe RONUA)
InstallSite Blog : Launching a program when setup is completed may be a security issue
An article in the InnoSetup knowledge base points out that
launching your application or displaying a readme file (using notepad
for instance) at the end of your installation may cause a security
issue on Windows Vista. The problem arises if the installation

Techdirt: Company Gets Patent On Digital Downloads; Sues Everyone

Programmers to Blame for Hard-to-Use Software
Retired microbiologist Diana Westmoreland is no stranger to technology—except when it comes to computers.

Cum cistiga unii banii din Excel:

Spreadsheet errors, news stories about spreadsheets with costly mistakes
Spreadsheet mistakes – disaster stories reported in the news
collated by the European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group. They
illustrate common problems and errors that occur with the uncontrolled
use of spreadsheets, with comments on the risk and possible avoidance

Despre locul de munca:

How to Ask for a Pay Raise – WikiHow
Do you feel you deserve a raise but don’t know how to ask for
one? Here’s how to approach your supervisor appropriately and make your
case without seeming overly demanding.
The high price of workplace mistrust – December 1, 2006
Count me as one of the few people in America who harbor no
sympathy for the handful of wealthy directors in the Hewlett-Packard
boardroom who were spied on, “pretexted,” and subject to any of the
other tricks that HP’s investigative sleuths had up their sleeves.

Despre actualitatea romaneasca:

Drept & Internet – noutati si opinii – Executivul bate Justitia sau cum ANRC se transforma in ANRCTI
Noutati despre Drept & Internet
Cotidianul – Special – La multi ani, 2007! Ne intilnim in Europa
www.cotidianul.ro – informatii relevante, stiri, reportaje,
analize si comentarii zilnice, intr-un ziar editat si garantat de
Academia Catavencu.
romania si populatia ei – Pam Pas


Fara reguli de circulatie in Europa! – articol din Lifestyle
Fara reguli de circulatie in Europa! – Incredibil: sapte orase
si unele regiuni ale Uniunii Europene au eliminat total regulile de
circulatie din trafic.

How to Change the World: Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn
Locuri de munca – Student – BUCURESTI – Inginerie, Elevi/Studenti
compania S.C. Impass S.R.L. cauta un om care sa se prezinte la examene
Cream of the crop: 100 most useful websites | Technology | Guardian Unlimited Technology

How to Change the World: The Entrepreneur’s New Year’s Resolution: “I Will Fix My Pitch”

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