Programming in .NET – part 1

This is the first article from a long serie that wants to present the programming in .NET( Windows si Internet)  for the understanding of beginners.
To follow this minicourse, you must have minimum programming knowledge.I consider that you know what a variable is ,that you posess a minimum SQL knowledge and you have heard about 3-tier.
The examples will be made in c# – but you can have in VB.NET or in other language that .NET has . For more languages, please go to :
What you need is:
1. Un PC with Windows ( preferable, XP – not Win 98)
2. IIS for the Internet/Web project. You can verify this in Control Panel => Administrative Tools => Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
If not , go to Control Panel => Add Or Remove programs => add / remove Windows components and you will find there.
3. MSDN 2006 May – for tutorials and exemples – free :
4.SQL Server Express – free :
4. Visual Studio Web Development Express  free  – pentru web projects –
5. Visual C# Express  free  – for windows projects-
6. Optional : ReportViewer Control in Visual Studio 2005 free – pentru local reporting –
After you download and install those programs , the first application that we made as an example is a project with Databases for indexing the books from the own library.
The project will be only to demonstrate how to program in .NET for Web and Windows.
The priincipal objects of the project will be Book , Author and Publisher
The book will have:
Aparition date
Publisher ( we suppose the book is published by only one publisher)
The author will have :
First Name
Last Name
The Publisher will have:
WebSite address
A Book can have multiple authors and a author can publish several books ( many to many relationship)
A book have one publisher, but a publisher can publish many books
What are the request:
– Forms for CRUD ( create, read, update, delete) operations
– Search in database after  : Publisher, Book , Author
– See the objects in relation ( i.e., if a Author is selected, see all the books published by him)
Next article will come on 21 august 2006.
Until then, I wait your questions at

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