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Better Dot Net projects
26.Do you Open your Connection in a Try Block?

Note:Do not use the ‘using’ keyword in C#. The using keyword is used to declare a scope out of which the connection will be disposed. For the sake of consistancy, we like out VB.NET and C# projects to be as similar as possible. For both languages you should use a Try..Catch..Finally block.   
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VB2005 are si el using(vezi sau … si folosirea using e preferabila try catch finally …din punctul meu de vedere

Rules To Better Windows Forms

26.Do your List Views support multiple selection and copying?
Make it easier for the user by enabling the “MultiSelection” property of a ListView and providing a right click menu with a “Copy” item that copies to the clipboard.
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Si de asemenea CTRL+C suport

Rules to Better Interfaces

33.Do you provide a warning before the program exits?
Mie chiar nu imi place regula asta. Lasa-i sa iasa… salveaza-le ce au facut …dar nu ii intreba de 10 ori.Utilizatorii chiar vor sa iasa din aplicatie in 99% din cazuri – si pentru 1% nu merita sa tot ii intrebi

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