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Primul meu discurs emotional – la Toatmasters de la Ubisoft. Emotii – la greu. Dar am primit

Photo: Cu emotii la greu

Iar discursul a fost acesta:

My first important exam result

Immagine my life as a teenager in a communist Romania.

It involved a lot of reading, many hours riding the bicycle ,a lot of learning and a dream: I wanted to be a teacher.

To achieve this – I had to pass the admission exam to the Faculty of Mathematics . I had no choice – failure meant for me: death, doom and destruction.

I signed up and when the registration was closed I checked my competition: JUST 10 candidates per seat.

We had three exams: Algebra, Mathematical Analysis and Geometry.

Algebra was pretty easy – and I thought that I was doing well.

Analysis felt the same. But, for the Geometry, I had to finish really fast as I had a date.

Yes, I know that it may seem irrelevant – but even now when I think of her I rember her hair – a flowing golden river streaming down her shoulders.

The next days were the most difficult days for me. I was paralyzed by the fear of failure – what if I failed? I was rembering again and again the exam.

Then finally , after ten days , a neighbour came to our house. She told me that the results came in. I asked her , with a trembling voice and enough anxiety for ten people, if I passed. I didn’t look for your result, she answered.

The next moment I was running to the elevator . The fear ran with me. I couldn’t believe that she didn’t check my result. I was convinced that I failed and she didn’t want to be the bad news messenger.

It was a warm and sunny day but I couldn’t enjoy that. I was nervous.

After 10 minutes of running I was exhausted and for the next 20 minutes I had to walk. My mind kept repeating the supposed results of my exam.

I did know that on Algebra I may take a 9-10 from 10, at Analysis 9-10 from 10 and in Geometry at least 7. That meant at average of at least 8.

And in the previous years, taking an 8 was enough.

Then I started to feel regret for rushing through my last exam. And I was mad on myself for risking my future for a girl. I tried to imagine the future in case of failure and simply it seemed to be no future – everything seemed black. Then I went back to calculating my results and then again and again and again. For about 20 minutes.

Fortunately the story has a happy end. I succeeded. And I promised myself that from now on I will never leave an exam until I will do everything I can to succeed.

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