Toastmasters 2 si 3

La Ubisoft particip la clubul Toastmasters . Am tinut al doilea si al treilea speech – si, pentru posteritate Winking smile  iata ce am spus:

Why you should have a blog?

1 . Personal Diary

2. Organize your ideas

3. Reference for later use

What kind of blog should you have? ( technical, personal , passion, other)

Depends on

– How can you write

– Ideas about you want to talk

– How often you wrote

What other things do I should know?

Domain – and domain name

Content language ( RO –EN –Chineze – )

Periodicity of post

Read other blogs ( if you do not do already)

Every blogpost can be as long as an hour from your time.

Do not think about monetization


A blog could make a difference for you

Technical – share your expertise – better than your CV

Personal – share your passion

In any case, it is a reference about yourself that you will be glad to read later- like your diary







General Purpose: To inform

Specific purpose: Communicate 3 easy Zen practices that will improve your life

What is Zen?

“You are not your mind”

First practice Zen – Consciousness

Raise your hand

No multitasking

Concentrate on your activities

Second practice Zen – Meditation

Stay 10 second without thought

Focus Breathing – caress and let it go – or KOAN.

Third practice Zen – Enjoy life by taking moments

King and servant.

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