Cred ca o sa va intereseze Why Your IT Project May Be Riskier Than You Think


“We examined 1,471 projects, comparing their budgets and estimated performance benefits with the actual costs and results[…]The average overrun was 27%[…]Fully one in six of the projects we studied was a black swan, with a cost overrun of 200%, on average, and a schedule overrun of almost 70%.”

Ce vreti sa faceti cind vreti sa promovati cinstea si corectitudinea managerilor? Daruiti jucarii de copii : http://hbr.org/2011/09/adults-behave-better-when-teddy-bears-are-in-the-room/ar/1

Daca aveti un manager – sa stiti ca e ocupat cu sedinte – nu cu voi – si puteti sa ii trimiteti articolul acesta Smart Rules: Six Ways to Get People to Solve Problems Without You



Si asa am aflat despre Robert’s Rules of Order  http://www.robertsrules.org/ :

“No member can speak twice to the same issue until everyone else wishing to speak has spoken to it once! “

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