DP- Singleton / Multitone and Get your .NET Web App into the cloud


Presentation 1:  Design Patterns – Singleton / Multiton

Speaker : Andrei Ignat

Description: You will learn about Singleton / Multitone pattern . Also it will be presented a practical example about where it is used in practice in .NET framework

Presentations 2: Get your .NET Web App into the cloud and sleep better at night

Speaker: Sorin Peste, Technical Evangelist @ Microsoft

Description: We’re often told that one big reason to consider the cloud is because a lot of the headaches of management and operations can be taken care of for us. Things like Auto scaling, Continuous Deployment, Staging slots, Monitoring, Failover may not come as a completely free lunch, but you CAN get them at a significant discount – of your time, effort, and money. Come to this session to see how Azure App Service can help you meet those requirements for your app – so you can sleep better at night. *expect hands on experience! :)

Telefonul meu este 0728200034.

Adresa este Bulevardul Expoziției nr.2 . Ne gasiti in Sala de Relaxare – intrarea in cladire se face prin lateralul cladirii, acolo unde este parcarea Ubisoft.

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