SAP Hana Cloud Platform & Dockerizing an ASP.NET Core application

Azi la 19:00  la Electronic Arts:

Prezentarea 1.SAP Hana Cloud Platform
Prezentator : Radu Simen,
i. Microservices with Java/Spring and Hana
ii. Front-end : Spring MVC si SAP UI5
iii. IaaS in HCP (VMs or Docker)

2. Dockerizing an ASP.NET Core application and creating a CI/CD workflow with GitHub, Docker Hub, Docker Cloud and Microsoft Azure


In this session we will take a look at how to run ASP .NET Core apps inside Docker, then deploy it to a VM in Azure using Docker Cloud.
We will also see how to create a fully automated CI/CD flow using GitHub, Visual Studio Team Services and Docker Hub.

Prezentator: Radu Matei,

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