Ce mi-a placut la MsSummit.ro

  1. C# everywhere – Building Cross-Platform Apps with Xamarin and MvvmCross
    Flavius-Radu Demian Flavius-Radu Demian – General Manager, Deventure ; Timisoara .Net meetup organizer
  2. PowerBI de la  Building an IoT Solution using Azure Event Hubs, Stream Analytics, Machine Learning, and PowerBI
    Sorin Peste – Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Romania si Petru Jucovschi – Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft Romania
  3. In pofida titlului de business –  despre telemetrie ( un cuvint la voga) Know your customers, know yours apps! – Alex Mang – CEO, KeyTicket Solutions
  4. Introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation
    Andrei Oros  – Chief Technology Officer, Flowster Solutions

Si in cele din urma prezentarea mea Winking smile Universal Windows App and C# – an unified experience with Cloud help

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