Despre fundatiile programarii

Am aflat de pe blogul lui Gabriel Enea, , despre o carte numita Foundations of Programming – Building Better Software, by Karl Seguin .

Exceptionala si va sfatuiesc si pe voi sa o cititi. E usor de citit si scrisa cu nerv.

Alegerile pe care le face nu sunt intotdeauna pe gustul meu(ca Nhibernate, de ex.) dar in rest este o carte care iti reia/reda bunurile obiceiuri in dezvoltarea soft.

Ce mi-a placut :

    Pagina 13 :

“The idea behind domain driven design is to build your system in a manner that’s reflective of the actual

problem domain you are trying to solve. This is where domain experts come into play – they’ll help you

understand how the system currently works (even if it’s a manual paper process) and how it ought to

work. At first you’ll be overwhelmed by their knowledge – they’ll talk about things you’ve never heard

about and be surprised by your dumbfounded look. They’ll use so many acronyms and special words

that’ll you’ll begin to question whether or not you’re up to the task. Ultimately, this is the true purpose

of an enterprise developer – to understand the problem domain. You already know how to program, but

do you know how to program the specific inventory system you’re being asked to do? Someone has to

learn someone else’s world, and if domain experts learn to program, we’re all out of jobs.”


    Pagina 30: despre IOC sau DI intr-un mod clar , cu Structure Map

    Pagina 36 : uitasem de assembly: InternalsVisibleTo

    Pagina 61 : de ce ati trece o instanta a unei clase cu ref …

Chiar daca sunteti f. buni , citi Foundations of Programming – Building Better Software, by Karl Seguin .

. Merita!




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