Newslinks pentru martie 2008


    Four Companies that Conquered America — HBS Working Knowledge
    Patru companii la care sa va angajati

    SQL Heroes : SQL Heroes 2008 Official Contest Rules

    Concurs de SQL 2005

    Number of Types in the .NET Framework – Patrick Smacchia [MVP C#]

    Pentru cei care vor sa stie cit a muncit MS

    MSN Careers – Top 10 Jobs in Information Technology – Career Advice Article

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    Top 10 Barely-Legal Gadgets for the Modern Spy
    Daca va pasioneaza uneltele de spionaj

    IT career paths you never dreamed of
    Cariere in IT


    The Best Web Tools To Help Your Know Everything About Websites…

    Daca va pasioneaza informatii despre site-uri


    The Best Free Software – Reviews by PC Magazine,2817,2260070,00.asp

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