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De la eweek: The Best IT Advice I Ever Got :

  1. Managing IT = 80% people, 20% technology
  2. Multiply the estimated time by 3.5.
  3. Don’t prematurely optimize. Prove something works first and then
    optimize, because you’ll never guess where the true issues lie and will
    waste a lot of time in the process.

Person of the year ( Time ) : You.
Ah , ce bine ma simt ca avind acest blog am contribuit la dezvoltarea generala!

Oh, si pe deasupra , Pluto nu mai e planeta. Cine mai stie cite planete mai sunt?Parca anul trecut se descoperea una noua.Cred ca astronomii astia nu mai au habar de definitia unei planete( si nici eu: cum fac diferenta intre o planeta si o cometa??)

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